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This dōTERRA review is not meant to be a be-all end-all to your research. hopes to give you enough hard information about DoTerra to make an informed decision while also taking into account all of the other DoTerra reviews you find. Network Marketing is a magnificent profession; so we wish you the best after this review – whether you choose DoTerra or not!

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DoTerra Review – The Company

dōTERRA International, LLC is an international direct selling company specializing in essential oils. In addition, the company offers nutritional supplements, personal care products, spa products, and healthy living products infused with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils. DoTerra International was founded in May of 2008 by a group of seven business and healthcare professionals. The company quickly rose to success by reaching its first million dollars in sales in December of 2008. By 2012, the DoTerra International business had regular million dollar in sales days, all of which were completed by “Wellness Advocates,” the company’s term for independent DoTerra International distributors.

Currently, the global corporate headquarters of DoTerra International is located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. The headquarters is 383,000 square feet and is home to the company’s 1,400 corporate employees. Although the company currently has over a million Wellness Advocates and more than a thousand corporate employees, DoTerra International started out small with just seven founding members. These included the CEO and President, David Stirling, as well as Emily Wright, Gregory P. Cook, Robert J. Young, Mark A. Wolfert, Corey B. Lindley, and Dr. David K. Hill D.C. Each of these individuals has unique qualifications and responsibilities in managing the DoTerra International business.

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dōTERRA Executives and Staff

CEO David Stirling holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business and has experience in the essential oils industry, chairing the executive management team of an essential oils company and helping it double its revenue in slightly over three years. Emily Wright is an expert in the essential oils industry as well as knowledgeable about direct selling, having served on the executive board of a multi-national direct-selling essential oils company for more than a decade. Her passion for essential oils and their benefits is unparalleled.

Gregory P. Cook is a master at international relations, having traveled all over the world and managing the international markets and opportunities for both health and wellness companies and direct sales companies for more than two decades. There are a ton of other DoTerra reviews online that you can go through as well. Robert J. Young has more than twenty years of experience in product marketing for the direct-selling industry, with expertise in skin care and personal care product marketing and a passion for marketing nutrition wellness products.

Mark A. Wolfert is the general counsel for DoTerra International and has over 25 years of experience as an attorney, including being the in-house counsel for a billion dollar global direct sales company. Corey B. Lindley holds both a B.S. and an MBA and he has prior experience as the Chief Financial Officer of a billion dollar direct selling company. Dr. David K Hill is a premier expert on both essential oils and wellness. He has authored several books, including the popular Nature’s Living Energy. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee and the Chief Medical Officer for DoTerra International.

The Scientific Advisory Committee consists of three Scientific Advisory Panel members: Carsten Smidt, Tory Parker, and Nicole Stevens as well as seven Medical Advisory Panel members: Dr. David C. Hill, Dr. Paul Winterton, Dr. David Steuer, Dr. James Geiger, Dr. Joshua Yorgason, Dr. Jessica L.M. Herzog, and Dr. Brannick Riggs. The Scientific Advisory Committee works together to research and develop new products for DoTerra International.

dōTERRA Product Reviews

DoTerra International has a wide array of products featuring CPTG essential oils. To be a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oil, the oil must fulfill a number of conditions. It must be natural and pure, free from any artificial ingredients or fillers. The essential oil must be free of any pesticides, contaminants, and chemical residue. CPTG essential oils are extensively tested to ensure chemical composition standards are met and cross-tested to guarantee exact composition potency and purity. The DoTerra International business offers products for the entire family both as stand-alone products and organized into convenient enrollment kits.

Enrollment Kits include the Cleanse and Restore Kit, Home Essentials Kit, Natural Solutions Kit, Family Physician and Slim & Sassy Kit, Every Oil Kit, and the Diamond Kit.

The Breathe Respiratory Blend and the Breathe Respiratory Drops promotes clearer breathing while soothing airways and supporting respiratory function. It consists of a proprietary blend of essential oils known for their beneficial effects on the respiratory system such as cardamom, peppermint, and lemon. DoTerra International’s Children’s Supplements, A2Z Chewable and IQ Mega, are easy to swallow for children. A2Z Chewable was designed with children in mind, and contains a blend of B, A, C, and E vitamins along with botanical extracts. IQ Mega is a pleasant wild orange essential oil flavored omega supplement providing 1,000 mg of pure, concentrated fish oil in each serving.

dōTERRA On Guard Products

The On Guard family of products uses DoTerra International’s unique proprietary blend of essential oils specifically formulated to support healthy immune function. In addition, these products can be used to clean surfaces non-toxically or clear the air by diffusing. The On Guard family includes Beadlets, Softgels, Foaming Hand Wash, Cleaner Concentrate, Laundry Detergent, Natural Whitening Toothpaste, Protective Blend, and Protecting Throat Drops. On Guard is one of DoTerra International’s most versatile blends of essential oils.

DoTerra International has four products for hair care. Called Salon Essentials Hair Care, these include Protecting Shampoo, Root to Tip Serum, Smoothing Conditioner, and Healthy Hold Glaze. These products work individually or collectively to promote soft, healthy, and beautifully shiny hair. DoTerra’s Women’s product line includes Phytoestrogen Lifetime Complex and Bone Nutrient Lifetime Complex which provide nutritional support for managing hormonal factors related to degenerative conditions associated with aging and menopause.

DoTerra International’s Slim & Sassy product line helps with overall health and wellness by assisting both the attainment and maintenance of one’s healthy body weight. These products include the Metabolic Blend, Softgels, Control Bar, Instant Mix, Trim Kit, V Shake, and Trim Shakes in both chocolate and vanilla. The V Shake is completely vegan-friendly. DoTerra International’s Spa Products allow consumers to experience luxury with the Deep Blue Rub, Hand and Body Lotion, Citrus Bliss Invigorating Bath Bar and Serenity Calming Bath Bar.

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Here’s an official dōTERRA product video:

DoTerra Compensation Review

DoTerra International’s distributors, known as Wellness Advocates, earn money in two ways. First, Wellness Advocates purchase products from Doterra International at wholesale prices and then are free to sell them at a retail markup. Given that the company allows any retail markup above wholesale pricing, it is not possible for Doterra International to estimate the potential earnings through retail sales of the products by Wellness Advocates. Also, DoTerra International’s distributors can earn an income through bonuses, also called commissions.

There are a number of ways to earn bonuses such as the Fast Start Bonus, paid to a new Wellness Advocate’s first, second, and third level Enrollers for commissionable orders made by the new Wellness Advocate in the first 60 days after their enrollment. There are additional qualifications that an Enroller must meet in order to receive the Fast Start Bonus. This bonus is paid weekly.

The “Power of Three” bonus is based on growing a Wellness Advocate’s downline. The initial $50 bonus is paid if a Wellness Advocate has three personally sponsored DoTerra International distributors who all have qualified LRP orders and a minimum team value of 600. LRP stands for “Loyalty Rewards Program.” A $250 bonus is paid once the three Wellness Advocates have qualified for their first $50 bonus. Finally, once the second level of nine Wellness Advocates have qualified for their $50 bonus, the Wellness Advocate at the top of the downline receives $1,500. This bonus is paid every month.

dōTERRA International’s distributors also receive commissions based on a Unilevel Compensation Plan that pays up to seven levels deep. While many multi-level-marketing companies pay the highest commissions on the first level, the DoTerra International business pays its highest commission of 7% on the 7th level, while the 1st level pays 2%. There are also Leadership Performance Pools based on entire company sales volume that are paid out monthly to certain qualified DoTerra International distributors.

Although the majority of DoTerra International’s distributors joined in order to get essential oils at a wholesale discount or to share essential oils with others and only 15% joined for the main purpose of starting a for-profit business, Wellness Advocates can and do earn commissions with around 158,000 individuals earning a commission check in 2014 globally. In addition, the DoTerra International business has a 65% customer retention rate, compared to around 10% on average for the direct sales industry in general.

dōTERRA Customer Reviews and Complaints

Customers seem to be genuinely pleased with product quality and Wellness Advocates see the value of the compensation plan.

While DoTerra International is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the BBB rating of the business is an A on a scale of A+ to F. The DoTerra International review rating by the BBB is based on the complaint volume relative to the size of the business (just 20 closed DoTerra International complaints filed in the last three years) and the length of time the business has been in operation. Of the 20 filed DoTerra International complaints, ten were problems with the product or service, seven were advertising or sales issues, and three were billing or collection issues. DoTerra International’s reviews from customers and Wellness Advocates are generally favorable.

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Thank you for reading through our DoTerra review and good luck!

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