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Kele n Co is a network marketing company founded in 1982 by Roger Johnson and Ronnie Randall. Kele n Co is based out of Bartlett, Tennessee and focuses on beauty & fashion products.

A full, in-depth review of Kele n Co is coming soon!

Visit the Kele n Co corporate website at (unaffiliated).

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Kele n Co Products and Reviews

The product focus for the Kele n Co business opportunity is in the beauty & fashion category and lead by their womens’ fashion product line.

We’ll soon have an entire overview of the products from Kele n Co with full details and reviews!

Distributors: Find Leads for Kele n Co

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Video: The Kele n Co Compensation Plan & Business Opportunity

The preceding comp plan video is not sponsored by or any of it’s partners and is for informational purposes only to help you learn more about Kele n Co’s comp plan.

Kele n Co Scam and Complaints

For those researching complaints about Kele n Co, it’s business opportunity and products: we’ll have an entire Kele n Co review section dedicated to scam news, any lawsuits, and a vetted complaints area.

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