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There aren’t many Life Matters reviews (formerly Life Shotz) out there yet, but Life Matters is currently our top recommended network marketing company for many reasons. Don’t let early growth and a low-profile fool you, they have every ingredient to dominate the MLM landscape over the next decade and beyond.

This article has been updated as of September, 2015 to reflect Life Shotz’s name change to “Life Matters,” the addition of Matt Morrow (from Vemma) as VP of Sales, as well as product additions.

As of September of 2015, Life Shotz is now Life Matters. Along with the name change, which should allow the company more flexibility in expanding it’s product line (the former name of Life Shotz is also one of it’s products), Life Matters announced the addition of Vemma top earner, Matt Morrow as VP of Sales.

Vemma’s troubles are well known and top leaders have been looking for more stable homes.  For Matt Morrow, he found that home at the new Life Shotz: Life Matters.

Life Matters is a network marketing company founded in 2010 by Richard Bliss Brooke, a decades-old veteran of the network marketing industry. We’ll talk more about Mr. Brooke in a moment.  Life Matters was originally known as 21TEN, then Life Shotz.

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Life Matters (formerly Life Shotz) features a product line extremely high in integrity. Both their Life Shotz nutritional drink, as well as their LS Vibe meal replacement shakes are non-GMO, vegan, non-allergenic and simply completely clean. For those of us that value the ingredients we put into our bodies, the Life Matters product line is top of the line.

In 2015 they’ve added additional products: Life Shotz Mind – a brain supplement, and Life Shotz Motion – a joint complex.

The compensation plan is completely hype-less, which may have a negative effect in reviews and attracting new Life Matters distributors. However, the Life Matters business model of the Four Year Career is something that stands out in the industry. Based on a book written by the founder, the Four Year Career is truly represented in the no-frills unilevel compensation plan that is straight-forward and enables distributors to build good money now, and serious residuals over time.

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A Review of the Life Matters Company

A branch of Oxyfresh, a profitable company which has been lead by Richard Bill Brooke since the mid-1980’s, Life Matters is on a solid financial foundation unlike most network marketing companies in their early years.

In 2010, Life Matters was first called 21Ten (2110), which referred to their 100-year business plan. That’s right, Life Matters was built from the beginning to be around 100 years. Another hat tip to the potential stability.  They then changed their name to match their core product at the time, Life Shotz.  In 2015, Life Shotz changed it’s name to Life Matters, which should allow the company more flexibility in it’s product development going forward.

Life Matters is a privately held company, so there are no public records of sales, salaries or expenditures.

Richard Brooke as the founder and Chief Visionary Officer has surrounded himself with employees that not only have a lot of experience in the industry, but many who have been with him and Oxyfresh for well over 10 years. That, again, says a lot about the company and it’s stability.

Top Leaders Come to Life Shotz

In 2014, Life Matters started attracting some industry leaders into the fold. Kimmy Everett, formerly of Life Max (which was then purchased by Genesis Pure), stands out. Kimmy build a 20,000+ active distributor team over her own Four Year Career and now brings that skill set to the Life Shotz organization.

Elliott Kosmicki, formerly a top recruiter at Sisel International, also joined Life Shotz in 2014. Elliott posted a nice write-up of why he joined Life Matters and other details about the company.

In 2015, Life Matters brought on former Vemma top earner, Matt Morrow, as their VP of Sales.

The Founder, Richard Bliss Brooke

Richard Bliss Brooke - Life ShotzRichard found network marketing in the 1970’s while working as a chicken-chopper for Foster Farms in California. He struggled to make ends meet for a few years until he went from a few thousand dollars per year to $100,000 per year then to $40,000 per month. And that was in 1983!

Richard went on to take over, save and grow Oxyfresh (dental and pet products), he founded Bliss Business which is a generic network marketing training company. He’s a coach, trainer and advocate for the network marketing profession as a whole.

He’s also on the ethics committee of the DSA (Direct Selling Association).

Life Matters Product Reviews

Life Shotz Review

As I mentioned earlier, the Life Matters product line is clean, vegan, non-GMO and just all-out healthy. Life Shotz is the name of the primary product, which is a liquid nutritional supplement. As it’s benefits, Life Shotz boasts:

  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Mood
  • Increased Natural Energy
  • More Mental Focus
  • Better Recovery After Workouts
  • Among others…

The ingredients behind the benefits are what truly tell the story. Life Shotz is loaded with vitamin B, D and more. With an ORAC score over 6,000 in a single dose.

If you’ve reviewed nutritional ingredients before, you’ll be impressed by the quality here. This is not an energy drink with stimulants, but a supplement that’s designed to enhance your body’s function with regular use.

LS Vibe Meal Replacement Review

LS Vibe is their meal replacement shake – not to be mistaken for a protein shake. Again, it’s vegan and non-GMO, uses pea protein as it’s protein source, and can keep you full up to 5 hours. It also has a full serving of greens in each shake and comes in chocolate and vanilla.

If you’re looking for muscle-building, you’ll likely want to add protein, but for those who either want to lose weight in a healthy way, or simply supplement their diet with a product that will add a large amount of nutritional value to your meals, this is a great product.

Both of Life Matters’ products are certified by the NSF, which regulates products and makes sure that they contain exactly what they say they do, and the Life Shotz drink is also certified by the BSGC which certifies that there is nothing in the product that would be considered a banned substance for athletes.

Life Shotz Product – Real Life Reviews

You can sift through seemingly thousands of real-life, unpaid testimonials and reviews on the Life Matters website.

Everyone from Phil Jackson, Wayne Dyer, fitness trainers, professional golfers, Olympic athletes, as well as moms, dads, busy professionals and anyone who wants to be at their peak performance.

Life Shotz Mind and Life Shotz Motion

The new products from Life Matters take their name from their core product, Life Shotz.  Life Shotz Mind is a brain supplement that should boost your mental clarity for several hours without the use of stimulants.  It seems like a great partner to their Life Shotz supplement drink.

Life Shotz Motion is a join supplement with patented ingredients that may promote the actual re-growth of cartilage and soft tissue in joints.  This product has many third-party studies behind it and could be a huge growth product for the company.

The Life Matters Compensation Plan Reviewed

No hype and straight-forward. It’s how I like my compensation plans. Life Matters starts with a unique star-based promotion scheme where you can earn residual bonuses almost right away.

  • 2-Star (2 brand reps), earns you $50/month
  • 3-Star (3 brand reps), earns you $100/month plus free product
  • 4-Star earns you $200/month plus free product
  • 5-Star earns you $400/month plus free product

Both 4-Star and 5-Star have some organizational requirements in addition to having your own personally sponsored distributors under you, but all of these are quite simple to get to and can have someone seeing free product plus a great residual check in their first month!

The Unilevel Review

We love unilevels. They’re just fair and they’re built to last. Every company that has made it long term was a form of a unilevel and there is virtually no risk of this type of compensation plan exploding in the company’s face if a distributor builds a “perfect” structure.

This is unlike a binary comp plan (there are dozens of variations) where a company places a bet on distributors remaining out of balance between 2 “legs” – the more out of balance, the more the company makes. BUT, if a big distributor balances… it could actually collapse the company because they would have to pay out so much money. It’s happened before!

The Life Matters Unilevel plan starts on your 3rd generation and is a simple 7% through 7 levels. There is also an 8th and 9th level infinity residual for higher ranks in the company.

Overall, it’s a perfect balance of money upfront, which distributors need to stay in business – and residual money later… lots of residual money. You can see the entire compensation plan here.

Where to Find Leads for Life Matters?

Network marketing is about creating a network of people who trust you. Humans have been doing that in the real world for thousands of years – creating influence with those around them and recommending or referring them to products and people.

In the modern age, it’s still effective – but people have turned online to recruit and network as well.

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Thank You!

Thanks for taking a look at our Life Matters review (formerly Life Shotz). It’s a company you can’t go wrong with!

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