In our Plexus Slim Review, we look at the power-house Plexus Worldwide. As network marketers, we have a selection of hundreds of companies selling thousands of products. Our goal in these Plexus reviews is to give you enough information to decide on if Plexus is the best fit for you and your family.

Recently, we decided to conduct research and put a company called Plexus Worldwide to the test. Plexus Worldwide is most famous for Plexus Slim, a product that is currently plastered across social media and elsewhere on the Internet.

If you came here to read about Plexus as a way to create passive income for your family, you should look at this local business model as well. It’s shown a much higher success rates than MLM, and doesn’t require recruiting friends or family. However, it’s really only for people who are willing to follow a specific, proven blueprint.

Plexus Worldwide Review – The Beginning

In 2006, Plexus Worldwide was founded in in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2008, Tarl Robinson and Alfred Peterson purchased the company. At the time of the purchase Plexus Worldwide’s only product was a breast checking kit.

Early on they knew that they needed to pivot the company and move to better selling product. If by nothing more than happenstance they were introduced to a weight loss product by the products developers. This product became known as Plexus Slim, and is now their signature product.

Plexus Slim is the product that has helped drive their revenues up from less than 1 million annually in 2010 to over 300 million dollars in 2014.

The Plexus Products

As the company has grown, so has their product line. There are a wide array of products that now include entire product lines dedicated to areas such as weight loss to pain management. They also have their own line of vitamins and they even brought back their original product the Breast Chek Kit.

Their weight loss product line is made up of: Plexus Slim, Plexus Block, Plexus Boost, Accelerator +, Plexus 96, ProBio 5, and Bio Cleanse.

Here’s the official Plexus product overview video:

Plexus Slim is their signature product containing the active ingredients: chromium, green coffee bean extract, Garcinia cambogia fruit extract, and alpha lipoic acid. Chromium has varying uses including but not limited to promoting athletic performance to regulating blood sugar. Green coffee bean extract has shown to reduce blood pressure.

Plexus Product Synergy

Many of the Plexus Slim Worldwide products are intended to be sold in combinations. There is, apparently, a synergy to their products in the way that they enhance and compliment one another. This is logical and often the case with supplements. This is also great news for direct marketers given the possible up sale opportunities.

They first developed their synergistic approach when an ambassador learned that Plexus Slim worked even better with another supplement. Plexus Worldwide decided to break that other product down and formulate their own based off the active ingredients that triggered the synergistic response. That product is now known as Accelerator+.

Plexus Block

Plexus Worldwide offers more unique products offering a synergistic approach. Plexus Block is a product designed to block (hence the name) the body’s absorption of starches and sugars up to 48%. Plexus Block uses brown seaweed, which has been linked to fat burn.

InSea2 is the name for their unique blend of Brown Seaweed. There are three combinations that include Plexus Block: Plexus Slim and Block Combo, Slim, Accelerator+, and Block combination, and the Slim, Boost and Block combination.

Plexus Pain Management Products

Plexus Worldwide features a product line targeted towards pain and the nervous system, featuring their own formulated blends of extracts, herbs, and more.

This product line is called the Lifestyle Line and includes such products as Fast Relief Nerve Health Support, Plexus Ease Capsules and Plexus Ease Cream. This line also features it’s own combination; Plexus Ease Combo Pack (Ease Cream + Capsules).

Compensation Review for Plexus Worldwide

Tarl Robinson and Alfred Peterson hail from the direct marketing world themselves. Thus the company’s compensation plan was built with this in mind. In fact, Plexus Worldwide prides itself on the fact that there are eleven ways to make money with their products.

Retail Rewards

One of the quickest ways to earn money through Plexus is their Retail Rewards Program.

The Retail Rewards Program is a fancy name for commission structure, which is based on monthly sales volume. If you sell just $99.99 or less worth of their products your efforts will leave you empty handed, as your commission is a whopping 0%. If your sales are between the $100 and $499.99 range you will earn a 15% commission. But most do not join direct marketing companies to only sell small amounts of products however.

So if you are really trying to hustle and you can sell $500 worth of product or you will be rewarded with a 25% commission.

Plexus Ambassadors

Another one of the initial paths to revenue is from your sponsored Ambassadors (those you sign up who work under you). You will earn a 5% commission from all of your sponsored ambassadors who are able to sell over $100 worth of product. At Plexus Worldwide this is known as Retail Rewards Over-ride Commissions.

Plexus Preferred Customers

There is also a Preferred Customer Program which is another great way to make money by selling Plexus Worldwide Products. If an Ambassador has customers who really enjoy and benefit from the product they can recommend them to become Preferred Customers.

Preferred Customers save money by subscribing to automatically receiving their products monthly. Each product sold to a preferred customer earns the Ambassador a bonus that will be earned each month the product is automatically purchased.

The bonuses are a set monetary amount for each product. For example a preferred customer purchasing Plexus Slim will earn the Ambassador $15 per month.

Business Building Bonus – Plexus Reviews

An income stream known as a Business Building Bonus is another way to profit from signing on new Ambassadors.

Welcome Pack

New Ambassadors have the opportunity to purchase what is known as a welcome pack. The welcome packs are priced between $99 and $199. 50% of this sale price is divided amongst Plexus Worldwide Ambassadors. 50% of the commission is paid directly to the new Ambassadors sponsor while 25%, 15% and 10% of the sale price go up the line to the next three sponsors.

This means that if you were to sell the basic $99 welcome pack you will receive just shy of $25.

Plexus Points

Plexus Points are another way to earn money within their organization. Plexus Points are also a revenue avenue that utilizes your sponsored Ambassadors. There are levels of Ambassadors underneath you within your specific organization.

  • Level 1 features Ambassadors that are directly sponsored by you, and these Ambassadors are worth 5 points. The Ambassadors that you directly sponsor will hopefully directly sponsor Ambassadors of their own, these will make up your Level 2 and so down the line it goes to level 7.
  • Level 2 and 3 are also worth 5 Plexus Points apiece. Your level 4 Ambassadors are worth 4 Plexus Points, and the Plexus Point value continues to drop by 1 as you go from your Level 4 Ambassadors on down to line to Level 7 Ambassadors.

The value of these points are paid out to Ambassadors on a monthly basis.

Plexus Worldwide Achievement Bonuses

There are two types of achievement bonuses within Plexus Worldwide that help make up the eleven ways to make money.

Within Plexus Worldwide there are a 10 levels of Ambassadors representing your success within the company.

The levels include:

  • Ambassador
  • Senior Ambassador
  • Silver Ambassador
  • Gold Ambassador
  • Senior Gold Ambassador
  • Ruby Ambassador
  • Senior Ruby Ambassador
  • Emerald Ambassador
  • Sapphire Ambassador
  • and Diamond Ambassador

The milestones needed to reach each pillar differ for example the to reach Gold Ambassador status you must have sponsored at least three Qualified Ambassadors and have at least 100 points within your organization.

Reaching the level of Gold Ambassador will reap one the reward of a $250 bonus.

Fast Start Achievement Bonus

The other achievement bonus-earning avenue is called a Fast Start Achievement Bonus. These Fast Start Achievement bonuses are earned by reaching higher Ambassador levels within your first 30 days of becoming an Ambassador. These bonuses range in value from $700 to $2400.

Plexus Revenue Sharing Pools

Three of the eleven Plexus Worldwide income streams are from revenue sharing pools. These three separate pools draw money from the companies gross product and are named: Emerald Pool Bonus, Sapphire Pool Bonus, and the Diamond Pool Bonus.

To reach the Emerald Pool Bonus an Ambassador must have six Qualified Ambassadors and their organization must be worth at least 1500 Plexus Points at any given month. Once you reach this pool you will have your share of 3% of the company’s gross product volume, which is divided evenly amongst all the members of the pool.

The Sapphire Pool Bonus is the next level to reach in the Plexus Worldwide organization. The Sapphire Pool Bonus is made up of Ambassadors who have six qualified Ambassadors and 3000 Plexus Points within their organization in any given month. The members of this pool equally split their fair share of 1% of the company’s gross product.

Then the true Plexus Worldwide pinnacle of success is the status of being in the Diamond Bonus Pool. This elite level features Ambassadors who have 7 Qualified Ambassadors and have organizations worth 4500 Plexus Points in any given month.

You keep access to each pool as you rank. Once you reach the Diamond Pool Bonus you will still have access to your bonuses in the Emerald and Sapphire pools.

Diamond Re-entry

The eleventh and final way to earn money through Plexus Worldwide is to reach yet another milestone. Once you are in the Diamond Bonus Pool and your organization is worth 6,000 Plexus Points at any given month you qualify of what is called Diamond Re-Entry Position.

Diamond Re-Entry Position basically allows the Ambassador to have another entry starting fresh with the chance to double their income.

Plexus Distributors – Recruiting to the Top

Plexus distributors face the same challenge any other network marketer faces – where do I find more people to talk to?

You can only recruit friends and family for so long… many people don’t even want to do it at all.

You can be a top distributor in Plexus by following the exact same system every top network marketing leader follows.

If you want to build your business online instead of repelling your friends and family, take a look at this system.

Plexus Slim Reviews – a Conclusion

For those of us who truly believe in the network marketing model, Plexus is a great choice. You’ll always hear scam accusations and complaints from the haters who didn’t put in the work. You have to ignore that and look for yourself – Plexus is a stable company with a popular product line. We always recommend giving the products a full trial first – as that is one of the biggest long-term factors in people staying with a company (if the product works for them and their family).

Thank you for stopping by to read our Plexus Slim Reviews and please take a moment to review some of our other MLM companies.

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