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Rumors of a Vemma scam abound on Vemma reviews across the internet and that makes it difficult for the average business opportunity seeker to make an informed decision about the company.

The Vemma Verge energy drink is the company’s main product, and was quickly latched onto by college-aged adults around the country. With the ability to make some money referring it to their friends at school – many entrepreneurial-minded students jumped into the Vemma business opportunity.

Vemma is a network marketing company founded in 2004 by BK Boreyko. Vemma is based out of Tempe, Arizona and focuses on health & wellness products. It was subject to serious FTC scrutiny and a shut-down in 2015.

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The Most Common Vemma Scam Reviews

Keep in mind I have absolutely no affiliation to Vemma, nor do I consume their product – or even know anyone who does.

When I was reading about Vemma, the most common complaint I saw was the fact that they were told they would make money – and they didn’t.

I also saw a lot of “misrepresentation” reviews – where people legitimately felt they were told one thing and then were given something different, they weren’t able to cancel things, etc.

There are two sides of this for me.

First, it’s very possible – though unproven – that Vemma has bad representatives who mislead others. That’s not a scam, but Vemma should take those accusations seriously and terminate people who deceive when representing the business.

If tales of not being able to cancel an order or being charged for things someone didn’t order are true – that’s also a problem, but says nothing about a scam at all.

The absolute most common thread between the negative Vemma reviews is that the person is angry because they didn’t make any money.

My friend, this is what you need to know about Network Marketing…

It is the greatest profession on earth for those who are ready to work day-in and day-out for it’s fruits.

Not only is Vemma not a “scam” in the sense people are accusing them of; most of the people complaining are simply complaining because they did not take any action on their business and make something of it like other’s did.

This is so common in MLM it’s almost sickening.

Again, I have no idea if Vemma is involved in any sort of bad business, but I do know their network marketing business model has proved over decades to be the most lucrative business model in the world.

Video: The Vemma Compensation Plan & Business Opportunity Reviews

The preceding comp plan video is not sponsored by or any of it’s partners and is for informational purposes only to help you learn more about Vemma’s comp plan.

Vemma Scam – the Leads

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One thing that current and potential Vemma representatives don’t realize, however, is that Vemma – like any other MLM company – will tell you to make a list of family and friends and get them into the business.

You know that this doesn’t work for 9 out of 10 people.

Your friends and family are NOT your target audience.

Not only that, but it could be months before you’re in profit in your business and you probably need to get into profit TODAY.


This is why top teams use a lead generation system that works for any network marketing company.

It allows you to brand yourself, attract people into your business, and even make money from the people who say “NO.”

If you could use 10+ leads per day coming to you asking about your business, then you owe it to yourself to take a look at this lead generation system.

Thanks for reading our Vemma Reviews article and please let me know if you have any questions!

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