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Here's How We Started Killing Jobs.

My friend and business partner, Dan, discovered this method of creating small, locally-targeted websites.

A few years ago, he created a small website for a taxi company and months later he started getting calls to his cell phone for taxi service.

He ignored them... 

Until he remembered where they were coming from!

He contacted a local taxi company to see if they would take the calls, and worked out a deal of $2.00 per phone call.

That website still gets over 50 calls per day.

Dan is pulling in $3400 per month from this one website on complete auto-pilot... years after he did the work!

Since then, he's taken this exact process and leveraged it over and over and over again.

You can hear Dan tell his story by clicking right here.

Last year, we started teaching this process to others.  Because of the number of people who have killed their old job using this system, we gave it a name....


Don’t Take My Word For It...

"In the last 3 days I've closed enough Business to hit my $10K of new biz in 30 day goal and I have more deals that should pop next week.
Closed a fat deal today which will net me a nice $40K raise for this year."


Denton, TX

"I used to think it'd be a while before I could hit five figure months until I realized that at the half way point of this month, I'm at 5k already. Profit!
This will be the most money I've ever made in one month in my young adult life. Accounting degree? Puh. MLM Pins and Plaques? Puhhhhh."


Newark, DE

"My limo site still pays me $1000 a month like clockwork. I’ve got about 10 total hours in the site. Now it's on auto pilot."


New Braunfels, TX

These Testimonials Are Not Uncommon...

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