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The DSA’s Communication Initiative Encourages Active Promotion of Code of Ethics by Member Companies. The following DSA member companies were recognized during DSA’s 2010 Annual Meeting for their participation in DSA’s Code Communication Initiative. The recognition was based on activities completed by each company in 2009:

  • ACN, Inc.
  • AdvoCare International, LP
  • Arbonne International, LLC
  • Avon Products, Inc.
  • Gold Canyon
  • Hy Cite Corporation
  • Jeunique International
  • The Kirby Company
  • lia sophia
  • Mary Kay Inc.
  • The Pampered Chef
  • Saladmaster (Regal Ware)
  • Shaklee Corp.
  • SimplyFun
  • The Southwestern Company
  • Tahitian Noni International
  • Tastefully Simple, Inc.
  • Team National
  • Univera, Inc.
  • USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

What is the Code Communication Initiative?

The third-party credibility compliance with the DSA Code of Ethics affords your company is one of the most important benefits of DSA membership. But are you taking full advantage of this important symbol of commitment to consumer protection?

For each consumer, independent consultant, legislator or regulator who knows about and understands the importance of DSA’s Code of Ethics your company benefits. Won’t you join us in actively communicating with key audiences about the Code of Ethics?

Creating awareness about the Code among both employees and salesforce members is already a required activity under the Code’s provisions – but now your company can be recognized for your coordinated, purposeful efforts in this area when you are designated as a participant in DSA’s Code of Ethics Communications Initiative.

During DSA’s 2010 Annual Meeting 21 member companies (see list above) were recognized for going above and beyond in their efforts to promote awareness of the Code – your company should be among them next year.

Participating in the Code of Ethics Communication Initiative is easy, and some of the things you already do may help move you closer to qualifying for recognition in 2011. Here’s how:

Take a look at the 14 activities listed below – they range from inviting a DSA staff member to address your national convention to posting a link on your Web site to, DSA’s consumer Web site. Complete just five qualifying activities during calendar year 2010, submit the participation form by the deadline and your company will be recognized at the 2011 Annual Meeting and be invited to display the DSA Code of Ethics Communication Initiative seal on your Web site, catalogs, or other promotional materials. You’ll be viewed among your peers as a company that has gone above and beyond to promote the fact that you pledge to practice the highest standards in business ethics – it’s a competitive edge you can’t get anywhere else.

Recognition Criteria

To qualify for recognition under the Code of Ethics Communication initiative complete just five of the following 14 activities during 2010.

  • Post a clear and conspicuous link to the DSA Code of Ethics (directed to either or on the home page of the company website.
  • Inclusion of the complete DSA Code of Ethics on the company website.
  • A link to DSA’s consumer site: on the company website.
  • Inclusion of the links to the DSEF produced DSA Code of Ethics Online vignettes on the company website.
  • Engaging a member of the DSA staff to give an industry presentation to key company employees (senior management, Board of Directors or majority share holders).
  • Engaging a member of the DSA staff to give an industry presentation to members of the field salesforce at a company-sponsored event.
  • Providing a training program (administered by company personnel) on the DSA Code of Ethics for members of the salesforce.
  • Distributing copies of the Code of Ethics to members of the salesforce at a company event.
  • Distributing copies of the Code of Ethics to members of the salesforce in a stand-alone mailing.
  • Inclusion of the complete DSA Code of Ethics in the company’s policies and procedures manual.
  • Inclusion of an article about the Code of Ethics in the company’s print or electronic newsletter.
  • Including a “Code of Ethics Quiz” on the company’s website that encourages salesforce members to learn about their rights and responsibilities under the Code.
  • Begin including in the company’s start-up kit a copy of the DSA produced one page synopsis of the DSA Code of Ethics.
  • The company’s Code Responsibility Officer participates in the annual CRO conference call.


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